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Top 4 Benefits of Using Closed System Catheter Kits

As an ISC user, you have a lot of catheterization supplies to manage. Making sure you always have the necessary catheterization supplies, including your catheters, antiseptic wipes, lubricant, underpad, gloves, hand sanitizer, and whatever else you may need, can often be difficult, especially when you are on the go.

Rather than keep track of all your catheterization supplies, many intermittent catheter users prefer to use all-in-one closed system catheter kits to simplify the self-cathing process.

What Do Closed System Catheter Kits Include?

Closed system catheter kits contain all the necessary supplies you need to self-catheterize. At MTG, we even pack the supplies in chronological order so you can maintain a sterile environment throughout your catheterization experience. In our closed system catheter kits, you’ll find:

  • Closed System Catheter
  • Gloves
  • Antiseptic wipes or swabs
  • Gauze and underpad
  • Privacy bag for discreet disposal*

*Not all kits include a privacy bag.

MTG EZ-Advancer Closed System Catheter Kit with Components

Why Use Closed System Intermittent Catheter Kits?

Reduced Risk of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Many ISC users experience fewer recurring UTIs when they use closed system catheter kits. Our no-touch closed system catheters and introducer tip help bypass the first few millimeters of the urethra, where the highest concentration of bacteria is located, reducing the risk of bacteria entering the urethra and causing an infection.

Self-Cath Faster with a Pre-Lubricated Catheter

MTG closed system catheters come pre-lubricated with a generous about of lubricant allowing for a faster and more convenient catheterization experience. This reduces the need to carry additional supplies with you, like a catheter lubricant.

Integrated Collection Bag Protects Sterility

As an ISC user, you know that maintaining sterility is crucial. Touching the catheter tubing can increase your risk of UTIs. MTG closed system catheters provide no-touch protection with our self-contained 700ml or 1500ml collection bags, allowing you to self-catheterize without ever having to touch the catheter tubing. Many MTG Catheter products even let you collect a sterile sample directly from the catheter port.

Enhanced Privacy

With all the necessary catheterization supplies included, MTG closed system catheter kits are easily transportable and can be used privately and quickly no matter what you are. Just grab your closed system catheter kit and go! Our Mini-Pak and pocket-sized kits easily fit in your pocket or purse and come with a privacy bag for discreet disposal.

If you are searching for intermittent catheter kits that provide no-touch protection, we welcome you to try our MTG closed system catheter kits free of charge.