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Self-Catheterization Options for Spinal Cord Injuries and Limited Hand Dexterity

Many individuals with spinal cord injuries and limited hand dexterity have been told they’d never be able to independently self-catheterize due to the limited options on the market for individuals with spinal cord injuries and limited hand dexterity.

Typical intermittent catheters are often laborious for quadriplegics and tetraplegic patients to independently catheterize, leaving them to struggle to open the packaging and lubricate the catheter adequately. Due to the degree of difficulty associated with intermittent catheterization, most spinal cord injury patients are prescribed external condom or indwelling foley catheters for bladder management.

That is until MTG developed a catheter specifically for those with spinal cord injuries from C-4 through C-7 and limited hand dexterity, allowing them to independently self-catheterize without help from a caregiver.

MTG EZ-Gripper Closed System Catheter

Self-Cath Independently with the MTG EZ-Gripper®

Our proprietary MTG EZ-Gripper® offers individuals with the most limited hand dexterity the option to self-catheterize.

The MTG EZ-Gripper® is a self-contained, pre-lubricated, closed system catheter, that does not require the fine motor skills of either the hands or fingers to self-cath. It features soft, fire polished, smooth eyelets and a DEHP and BPA fee catheter tube with a 1500 ml collection bag and privacy bag for discreet disposal.

100% Accessible

The packaging and collection bag feature access finger holes for easier opening and handling.

Designed for Spinal Cord Injuries and Limited Hand Dexterity

Our patented gripping handle is affixed to the outside of the catheter bag allowing for easy advancement. The gripper handle applies pressure to move the catheter tube, so the user doesn’t have to firmly squeeze during advancement.

EZ-Advancer® Locking Mechanism

Our patented EZ-Advancer® locking mechanism secures the catheter tube after each forward advancement, preventing retraction into the bag during catheter insertion.

Reduces Risk of Recurrent UTIs

The no-touch closed system catheter in a bag and introducer tip are designed to reduce the risk of recurrent urinary tract infections by protecting the upper urinary tract.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t get the hang of it immediately. Learning how to self-catheterize after a spinal cord injury and limited hand dexterity can take time. Try watching our instructional video on How to Use the MTG EZ-Gripper®.

Self-Cath Assistive Device for Quadriplegics

In addition to the MTG EZ-Gripper®, MTG has developed the MTG Eagle® Board, a unique self-catheterization assistive device that makes one hand catheterization possible for male catheter users.

The MTG Eagle® Board features:

  • Penile Lever: Secures the penis to the board using a magnet to hold it in place without the use of hands.
  • Housing Clip: Secures the catheter bag to the board, leaving your hands free.
  • Adjustable Wings: Allow the board to rest on your legs at a slight downward angle so urine will flow into the catheter bag.
  • Finger Holes: Let you easily pick up the board to place it on your legs, and remove it when done.
  • Pants Hook: Let’s you pull open your pants by pulling the board away from your body.
  • Allen Screws: Let you tighten the wings to hold the board at an angle on your lap, making it possible to insert the urinary catheter even when you have an erection.

Discover MTG Catheters Today!

If you cannot self-catheterize due to a spinal cord injury or limited hand dexterity and want to gain more independence, the MTG EZ-Gripper® No-Touch Closed System Catheter and MTG Eagle® Board Assistive Device may be a great place to start.