MTG Eagle® Board

The MTG Eagle® Board makes it possible for low dexterity users to self-cath independently. Can be paired with MTG EZ-Gripper® or MTG EZ-Advancer®.

Assistive Device for Intermittent Self-Catheterization

The MTG Eagle® Board is a unique, innovative assistive device for intermittent self-catheterization that makes it easier for anyone with poor hand dexterity to self-catheterize, such as quadriplegics (tetraplegics), amputees, people with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) or Parkinson’s Disease, and others who have difficulty holding their penis and advancing a urinary catheter. It works only with the MTG EZ-Gripper® or MTG EZ-Advancer® catheter product lines.

When you purchase the MTG Eagle® Board, you will receive the Eagle Board, a penile sizing guide, foam pads, allen wrench, carry bag, and instructions for use.

Penile Lever

Secures the penis to the board using a magnet to hold it in place without the use of hands.

Housing Clip

Secures the catheter bag to the board, leaving your hands free.


Allow the board to rest on your legs at a slight downward angle so urine will flow into the catheter bag.

Finger Holes

Let you easily pick up the board to place it on your legs, and remove it when done.

Pants Hook

Let’s you pull open your pants by pulling the board away from your body.

Allen Screws

Let you tighten the wings to hold the board at an angle on your lap, making it possible to insert the urinary catheter even when you have an erection.

How To Self-Catheterize with MTG Eagle® Board: Male C5/C6 Tetraplegic

Now quadriplegics (tetraplegics), Parkinson’s disease males, and others with limited hand dexterity can self-catheterize with the MTG Eagle® Catheter Board. This video explains the catheter assistive device and how to set it up for a male user.

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100MTG Eagle® Board with penile sizing guide, wings, cup and lever foam pads, allen wrench and carry bag1

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