Aquaflush® Transanal Irrigation

Having trouble emptying your bowels? Aquaflush® Transanal Irrigation System makes it easy to empty your bowels safely using rectal irrigation.

Improve your Quality of life, Confidence, and Self-Esteem with Aquaflush®

The Aquaflush® Transanal Irrigation System makes bowel management easier by helping you establish an effective bowel care routine, and providing you with the confidence to live life the way you choose.

What is Transanal Irrigation?

Transanal Irrigation is a simple procedure in which body temperature water is passed through a soft silicone cone into the rectum, to assist in the safe evacuation of stool from the lower section of the bowel. As the water fills the rectum, the rectal wall gently stretches, until the need to defecate occurs. Once the water flow is stopped and the cone is removed, any fecal matter and water is emptied into the toilet. The irrigation process takes roughly 30 minutes to complete and can be repeated a second time, if you feel the need.

Aquaflush® Transanal Irrigation Helps Individuals:

Reduce the risk of fecal incontinence and leakage in-between each evacuation

Reduce the amount of time spent on your bowel care​

Regain control over your bowel management​

Reduce the amount of time spent on your bowel care​

Managing Bowel Disorders with AquaFlush Transanal Irrigation (TAI)

AquaFlush Transanal Irrigation makes it easy for you or your patients to perform TAI, also known as rectal irrigation, to help flush your bowel of stool.


Aquaflush Lite is our simple full transanal irrigation system, using modular components to deliver an intuitive and easy-to-use solution.  With its large capacity 1,200 ml bag, it is suitable for users who can sit on a toilet or commode.

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Product CodeBasic Contents
Starter SetAFLSTote bag, Water-bag & Pump, Extension Tube, 7 Cones
Monthly SetAFLMWater-bag & Pump, 16 Cones
Cone Refill PackAFLA15 Standard Cones


Aquaflush Actif is uniquely designed for pediatric transanal irrigation. Actif features an ergonomically designed cone which is ideally suited for smaller users. 

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Product CodeBasic Contents
Starter SetAFASTote bag, Water-bag & Pump, Extension Tube, 5 Cones
Monthly SetAFAMWater-bag & Pump, 15 Cones
Cone Refill PackAFSC15 Short Cones

Frequently Asked Questions

Managing your bowel and transanal irrigation routine is usually most effective when done at a consistent time each or every other day. Establishing a routine that fits around your usual daily activities, is a good place to start. Choose a time that is convenient for you and aim to use Aquaflush at this time.

The length of time it takes to irrigate is dependent on the individual and the system. For our Lite system, it usually takes between 20 – 35 minutes.

We recommend a temperature of 95-98.6°F. Our Aquaflush Lite and Actif systems water bags have an easy to read temperature strip to assist you.

Initially, it is advisable to take a little longer than expected, to ensure the irrigation process is complete. For users with little or no sensation, it may take longer for evacuation to occur.

Aquaflush Systems pack up neatly into the Aquaflush tote bag. These come with the starter kit. Users should ensure they have enough cones to last their time away from home, as it may be difficult to obtain replacements abroad. If flying, always ensure the system is packed in carry-on baggage as cases may go missing. It is advisable to use bottled or cooled boiled water in places where the tap water is not deemed safe to drink.

If a user is unwell, or condition changes, it is important they contact their prescribing Healthcare Professional. After bowel or abdominal surgery, users should seek instruction from the professionals involved in completing the procedure, in conjunction with their bowel healthcare professional.

Users may find some water and stool are passed immediately, along with gas (flatulence). If
there has been no result after approximately 20 minutes, some users find that gently massaging their abdomen in a clockwise motion, coughing, adjusting position or bending forward helps to get their system moving.

Aquaflush® Advantages

Super-smooth silicone cones make it easy and comfortable to insert into the rectum

Each cone comes with a water-based lubricant in a sachet

An elbow connector makes it easy to insert and remove the cone without touching it

The water tap valve is easy to open and close

Our water bag stand lets you keep the bag on the floor during use, and folds flat when you store it

The water bag has an easy-to-remove screw cap

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