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Making Self-Catheterization Possible for Quadriplegics with the MTG Eagle® Board

Adaptive bladder management methods are essential for quadriplegics with limited hand dexterity and can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life and overall independence. 

As a quadriplegic with limited hand dexterity, you may use catheter assistive devices to independently self-cath. Typical intermittent catheterization accessories include a catheter inserter, clothing hooks, extension tubing, urinal or bottle, and more.

To make self-catheterization easier for quadriplegics with limited hand dexterity, MTG set out on a mission to develop a unique self-catheterization assistive device, unlike anything else on the market. 

The MTG Eagle® Board makes one hand catheterization possible for male catheter users with poor hand dexterity. Quadriplegics, tetraplegics, amputees, people with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease, and others who have difficulty holding their penis and advancing an intermittent catheter can now independently self-catheterize with the MTG Eagle® Board.

The MTG Eagle® Board features include: 

Housing Clip

Designed to work exclusively with the MTG EZ-Gripper® or MTG EZ-Advancer® catheter product lines, the housing clip secures the closed system catheter to the board, leaving your hands free.

Repositionable Wings

The repositionable wings allow the catheter board to rest on your legs at a slight downward angle so urine will flow into the catheter bag.

Finger Holes

Featuring two finger holes at the top of the assistive device for easy maneuverability with minimal effort. 

Pants Hook

The adjustable pants hook makes independent catheterization easier, allowing you to pull open your pants by pulling the board away from your body.

Penis Lever

The magnetic penile lever secures the penis to the board without the use your hands.

Pre-Cut Foam Pads

Pre-cut foam pads are included with every catheter board so users can adjust the board to fit their needs while allowing for soft contact against your skin. 

Allen Screws

Allen screws are included with the MTG Eagle® Board, allowing you to tighten the wings to hold the board at an angle on your lap, making it possible to insert the catheter tube even with an erection.

The MTG Eagle® Board works exclusively with the MTG EZ-Gripper® or MTG EZ-Advancer®. 

To learn more about the MTG Eagle® Board, watch our instructional videos: Getting Started with the MTG Eagle® Board or Catheterization with MTG Eagle Board – 1 Minute Demo.