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Adding Voiding Maneuvers to Your Bladder Management Routine to Improve Bladder Emptying

Do you struggle with urinary retention and fully emptying your bladder during intermittent self-catheterization? If you are unable to fully empty your bladder with self-catheterization, you are leaving residual urine in the bladder, making you susceptible to developing a urinary tract infection. Adding various voiding maneuvers to your bladder management routine may help improve urinary…

Common Questions About Intermittent Catheterization Answered

We’re sharing answers to some of the most common questions we hear about intermittent catheterization. Whether you’ve just started self-cathing or you’re just interested in learning more, here are some topics to get you started. Be sure to consult your healthcare professionals before beginning any new treatment or procedure.  Q. Why is Catheterization Needed?  A….

MTG Intermittent & Hydrophilic Catheters Transition Notice

As part of the MTG integration into HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc., MTG Straight Intermittent & Hydrophilic Catheters have transitioned to TruCath Catheter item numbers. Although the item numbers are changing, please be assured that the product is identical to the product you have ordered in the past. If you have any questions, please contact your MTG…