How To Use Kids' Catheters: MTG Kiddie-Kath®
No-Touch Closed System Catheter

The information provided in this video is not medical advice. Please follow the advice of your personal physician or other healthcare provider in performing self-catheterization. If you experience any persistent pain or discomfort associated with the catheter, consult with a medical professional.

Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Randy Golden with Medical Technologies of Georgia and I’m here today to introduce you to MTG Kiddie-Kath® the first closed system pediatric intermittent catheter that’s designed specifically for kids.

Actually, we hope that your kids will become more compliant with the catheterizations after they see how easy Kiddie-Kath® is to use.

Kiddie-Kath® is actually designed to be used by kids with all the components in a nice small package that is really easy to work with.

First of all, everything in the kit is latex free. We have latex free cuff folded gloves.

I’m just going to set everything out here so everybody can see it.

There’s an under pad in here, which in case there’s any spills. There shouldn’t be much but if there is we have this under pad which will collect some of the drippage should there be a drop or two.

There’s an antiseptic BZK wipe in here. This is clear, it won’t create a big mess like the iodine products will.

There’s a gauze tissue to clean up afterwards

And then this is the catheter.

This is our 8 French Kiddie-Kath® and we do make this product in 10 French as well, we call it the EZ-Advancer® and Kiddie-Kath®

This is a 700 mL collection bag with a catheter that’s inside the bag.

And the bag does two things: it protects the sterility of the catheter and it’s also going to catch the fluid once the urine starts to flow.

And what the child will do is they’ll

take to cap off, expose the introducer tip below, and then the catheter will be fed through this introducer tip, I’ll explain that in just a second, about one to two inches at a time and as you advance it forward it locks into place because we have our EZ-Advancer® locking valve which keeps that capital from going backwards so the child will never touch the catheter and just advance about one to two inches at a time just like i’m doing it here,

I’ll show it with the model in just a second how this is going to work.

At some point the urine is going to flow, it’s going to get trapped right in the sack.

Okay, we’re just going to take the whole thing out, tear the bag, pour the urine off, and when we’re finished, we have a privacy bag. Just assume that I drained the fluid off.

The privacy bag is also really nice because as you all know kids are very private and don’t want other kids to find out about their catheterizations, so you can literally put all the refuse in here once you’re finishing and toss this out and not have to worry about having your friends see the catheter at the top of the trash can.

MTG’s catheter eyelets, or drainage holes, are fire polished so they’re less likely to cause irritations as the catheter winds its way through the urethra.

We also have a conical tip which helps the catheter pass through tight spots along way.

Before I show the demonstration with a model, I just want to talk briefly about the introducer tip and how important this introducer tip is. The introducer tip, which is made from silicone, I’ll pull it off and show everybody it is designed to reduce the risk of contamination of the catheter within the distal urethra. I’ll put it back on and show everyone how this is going to work.

The introducer tip is going to go in along with the catheter and most bacteria is right when you first go in, in the first about half an inch of the distal urethra in men, women, boys, and girls it’s all the same.

And if that catheter comes in contact with those bacteria, it can push the bacteria further into the body. They can grow back and cause a urinary tract infection, there’s all kinds of studies that prove that.

With the introducer tip, the catheter remains protected from those bacteria. So we’re not pushing those bacteria back into the bladder.

And now I’d like to explain to everyone how to use Kiddie-Kath® with your children.

First, I’m going to demonstrate this product with a girl, with a female anatomical model. If you have a son please check out our EZ-Advancer® video on the website which talks about catheterization of males.

The first thing I’m going to do is take the cap off of the introducer tip and expose the introducer tip below.

I’m going to set this aside for the time being and I’m going to spread the labia with my left hand. I’m right handed, So I’m going to use my left hand to spread the labia and I’m going to do everything else with my right hand.

I’m going to take the BZK wipe, which is our antiseptic prep. Wipe downward over the urethral opening one time and then set that aside and discard it.

I’m going to hold the catheter in my right hand. I’m going to insert the catheter and introducer tip into the urethra. Just like this. Give it a couple of pushes. One push, two pushes, in we go.

Okay, once we see urine begin to flow, give the catheter one more push to get it in the middle of the bladder and keep the bag parallel with the legs. We want to make sure that the logo is up and that the urine flows directly into the sack. You don’t want to hold it upside down or the urine could come back on your bladder.

Once urine finishes flowing, pull the catheter out about one inch and see if we get any more fluid.

When she’s completely finished, go back and get out gauze tissue. There she is.

And take the catheter out of the body, and when the catheter leaves the body, use the gauze tissue to collect the eyelets so you don’t have any spillage.

Measure record output.

When we’re finished, extend the catheter all the way to the top of the bag.

Take one hand and entwine the catheter, just like this, with the gauze tissue and just pull the catheter out of the top, and there’s our sterile sample port and you can also pour off the urine here as well. When we’re finished, as I mentioned earlier, use the privacy bag for the refuse so that we don’t have any catheters on top of our trash can at school.

So, if your child is looking for a product that’s going to give them more , or you’re looking for something that’s going to reduce the risk of infection. The great news is Kiddie-Kath® gives you both.

To request samples, please visit and we’ll send samples right away!