How to Use MTG Jiffy Cath® No-Touch Closed System Catheters

The information provided in this video is not medical advice. Please follow the advice of your personal physician or other healthcare provider in performing self-catheterization. If you experience any persistent pain or discomfort associated with the catheter, consult with a medical professional.

Video Transcript

Hello everybody, I’m Randy again for Medical Technologies of Georgia here today to show everybody Jiffy Cath, our product for people with good dexterity for self-catheterization.

Jiffy Cath is a closed system catheter available in two different packaging options.

We have standard size packaging and we also have mini-pack which is preferred by most users.

Now let’s take a look and see what’s inside of each package.

Simply peel the top back you’ll find a pair of cuff-folded latex-free medium size gloves. We also have an under pad, there shouldn’t be any spilling but just in case you do include this.

It has a shiny side on one side, paper side on the other, and you wanna put that shiny side on the legs, paper side up.

There’s a gauze pad for clean up afterwards, we also have a benzalkonium chloride prep for antiseptic cleansing prior to catheterization and this is our 14 french Jiffy Cath.

This product also available in 12 and 16 French. For the time being I’m just gonna set the catheter down on the pad, and finally, the last component is our privacy bag

This is designed for discrete disposal of the catheterization and supplies once the catheterization episode is complete.

So now let’s take a look at the catheter, this is a closed system, and the bag serves two purposes.

It’s going to protect the sterility of the catheter. It’s also going to collect urine once urine starts to flow.

The catheter within is pre-lubricated so that step’s been eliminated.

All of our products have the all-important Introducer Tip and I’ll pull this off, you wouldn’t do this, but i just show you how this works the tip is actually a soft silicone membrane that protects the catheter below from bacteria that can cause UTI when the catheters within that Introducer tip it becomes firm.

The whole idea here is that even if you use the antiseptic prep and you use soap and water ahead of time the problem is bacteria that can cause UTI are inside urethra you can’t address those externally.

The introducer tip allows you to pass the catheter beyond ninety percent of urethral bacteria thereby pushing nine times fewer bacteria to the bladder.

So take a look now and see how the catheter is manipulated from within the bag through your urethra. What we’re going to do is going to advance the catheter gonna start about an inch below the blue clip and you’re gonna push the catheter through the Introducer tip and when the bag bunches you’re going to squeeze the blue clip and pull the bag back.

Push squeeze hold, push squeeze, pull. Now this product is designed for people with good dexterity if you have poor dexterity please check our other videos EZ Advancer and EZ-Gripper which are also on our website.

In Jiffy Cath our catheters are 16 inches long, medical grade PVC plastic and we actually fire polish the eyelets to ensure maximum comfort.

Okay, so now, let’s show everybody how to actually use the Jiffy Cath catheter. Okay, so prior to self-catheterization always wash your hands and wash the anatomy with soap and water.

Now we’re ready to catheterize, I’m going to do everything with my right hand. I’m gonna hold the penis with my left.

I’m actually going to use the last three fingers of my left hand secure the penis at a 45 degree angle from the body.

If there’s any foreskin, I’m gonna use those three fingers to draw the foreskin back to expose the glans.

Now I’m going to take the benzalkonium wipe and I’m gonna go around the clans one time with the wipe, I’m going to get rid of it and I’m gonna reach back and get my catheter and the catheter and the Introducer tip are both inserted into the urethra and then I’m going to stabilize everything with my left hand using that thumb and index finger, just like so, I’m gonna push, squeeze pull the bag back, push, squeeze, pull the bag back, and continue this motion, probably about six to eight pushes until I see urine flow.

Now if I encounter any resistance, I’m gonna take a deep breath…..relax never want to force the catheter in and once I’m relaxed, I’m going to continue to feed the catheter. Now let’s pretend I see urine flow. I’m gonna give the catheter one more push to get the catheter right in the middle of the bladder I’m gonna straighten the bag between my legs urine flow in and when I’m finished, I’m gonna pull the catheter out about one inch see if I get any more fluid, and then I’m gonna reach back and grab my gauze pad and as the catheter leaves the body, I’m going to use that gauze pad to collect the eyelets, just like so.

So last step is tearing a bag, there a perforation mark where you wanna start, so tear that across and then just be careful to tear down into the bag just like that, turn the bag upside down and pour the urine off into the toilet

Thank you for watching our video. For more information please visit our website where you can also request free samples.