How to Use MTG EZ-Advancer® No-Touch Closed System Catheter

The information provided in this video is not medical advice. Please follow the advice of your personal physician or other healthcare provider in performing self-catheterization. If you experience any persistent pain or discomfort associated with the catheter, consult with a medical professional.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Randy Golden for Medical Technologies of Georgia and I’m here today to introduce you to EZ-Advancer, MTG’s closed system intermittent catheter, packaged in options — both the clinical standard size and the mini-pak version for people on the go.

So let’s take a look at what’s inside the package and open it up here and show everybody.

Inside of each kit we have a pair of cuffed folded latex-free gloves that are called wallet pack, left and right, set that aside for the time being.

An under pad in case there’s any spillage. It shouldn’t be but just in case we always have that in there as well. There’s a gauze tissue for clean up afterwards.

This product has BZK swab sticks and I’ll show those in a second when I do my presentation with the anatomical model.

And then this is the 14 French catheter. A closed system catheter by design will never see the outside world during the entire procedure.

The bag does a couple of things. It protects the sterility of the catheter, it’s also going to catch the fluid once the urine starts to flow.

The catheter’s pre-lubricated so that step’s been eliminated.

I’m going to take this cap off and expose the introducer tip below and I’ll talk about this in a second as well. The introducer tip is designed to bypass the distal urethra where a vast majority of your urethral bacteria are located.

So I’d like to show how the introducer tip works and I take the cap off and expose the tip below.

I’m going to use this gauze tissue to clean off the lubricant that’s still on the tip so you can see it a little bit more clearly.

And now I’m going to pry the tip off of the bag, I normally wouldn’t do this but I just want to show everybody how soft this is. The tip you can see is really soft, pliable.

I will place the cap back over the catheter and you can see that when the catheter is inserted within the introducer tip it becomes firm so it’ll go into the urethra more easily.

It’s very important when we’re removing the cap from either EZ-Advancer or Cath-Lean that we gently pry the cap off the introducer tip in this manner, let me do this again.

I’ll show everybody.

So the cap is secure when you take the cap off gently pry it away just like so.

What you don’t want to do you don’t want to pull the cap in an upward manner as I’m doing here and the reason we say that is you want to make sure that the introducer tip is not removed from the bag so again this one here that’s now in my left hand is correct.

I’ll show you one here that we have taken the introducer tip completely off of.

The one in my right hand you would not want to use you can actually look down inside and see that the advancer valve is exposed, the introducer tip is removed. If you encounter a bag where you’ve taken the introducer tip completely off discard this one and get another.

MTG’s catheter eyelets or drainage holes are fire-polished so they’re less likely to cause irritation with the catheter winds its way through the urethra.

We also have a conical tip which helps the catheter pass thru tight spots along the way.

OK so at this point what I want to do is show everybody exactly how to catheterize and you’ll see what it looks like in your lap just like it does in mine.

We’re gonna use the anatomical model here. First thing I’m going to do is I’m going to cuff the penis with the last three fingers of my left hand. I’m right-handed so I’m going to use my left hand to stabilize the penis.

I’m going to hold it at about a 45 degree angle for my body. I’m going to go back and I’m going to take each one of the swab sticks go over the urethral opening and around the glans or the head of the penis one time with each swab.

You want to retrace the same skin with the same swab stick and of course before I catheterize always wash my hands.

OK so there’s the third swab stick over the urethral opening and again I’m not going to let go of the penis now in my left hand but I’m gonna with my right reach over and grab the catheter and I’m going to take the catheter and the introducer tip and feed them both into the urethra just like so.

Straighten the bag out and again everything’s being held in place with my left hand.

With my right hand now, I’m going to begin advancing the catheter at one to one-and-a-half inches at a time.

Push it in, hold everything stable and pull the bag back.

Push it in, hold everything stable with my left, hold the bank with my right. We keep feeding the catheter in.

Now let’s say that we hit a point where the catheter won’t easily pass any further. Might be at my prostate. That’d be the case and it may be a tight spot rather than feed the catheter and force it in I’m going to take myself a deep breath… relax… the prostate should relax as well and then I can feed the catheter one more push.

I should see urine at this point.

Now I’m going to give the catheter one more push.

Once I see urine flow, one more push to get the catheter right in the middle of the bladder.

Urine will begin to flow. As the urine begins to flow, I want to use my right hand to hold on to the bag we have a finger hole in the corner of the top of the bag that allows me to give me something to hang on to here.

OK once urine stops flowing I’m going to pull the catheter out about one inch.

I’m going to see if I get any more fluid.

Once I see that I’ve absolutely finished voiding the bladder I’m going to pull the catheter out. I’m going to let go of the body.

Now with my left hand, I’m going to reach back and get my gauze tissue.

It’s in the kit there. And as that catheter leaves the body I’m going to use that gauze tissue to catch the eyes so you don’t have any spillage.

You just clamp the eyes off with my left hand while holding the bag with my right.

So the last step is tearing the bag. There’s a perforation mark where you want to start so tear that across and then just be careful to tear down into the bag, just like that, turn the bag upside down, pour the urine off into the toilet.

To learn more details about MTG EZ-Advancer catheters please visit our website where you can request samples of either the standard pack or mini-pack versions.