How To Self-Catheterize with MTG Eagle® Board:
Male C5/C6 Tetraplegic

The information provided in this video is not medical advice. Please follow the advice of your personal physician or other healthcare provider in performing self-catheterization. If you experience any persistent pain or discomfort associated with the catheter, consult with a medical professional.

About the MTG Eagle® Catheter Board
for Male Quadriplegic Self-Catheterization

The MTG Eagle® Catheter Board is a unique, innovative product that makes it easier for anyone with poor dexterity to self-catheterize, such as quadriplegics (tetraplegics), amputees, people with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) or Parkinson’s Disease, and others who have difficulty holding their penis and advancing a urinary catheter. The male version is available now. 

Watch the video above to see the Eagle® Board’s features and learn how to use it for easier urinary catheterization.

The video explains these features…

  • Penile Lever: Secures the penis to the board using a magnet to hold it in place without the use of hands.
  • Housing Clip: Secures the catheter bag to the board, leaving your hands free.
  • Wings: Allow the board to rest on your legs at a slight downward angle so urine will flow into the catheter bag.
  • Finger Holes: Let you easily pick up the board to place it on your legs, and remove it when done.
  • Pants Hook: Let’s you pull open your pants by pulling the board away from your body.
  • Allen Screws: Let you tighten the wings to hold the board at an angle on your lap, making it possible to insert the urinary catheter even when you have an erection.

Video Transcript

Hi my name is Jeff. I’m a C5 C6 tetraplegic. I originally had my accident on October 31st of 2015 where I ended up at Gaylord Hospital.

I was there for about 8 or so months, where near the end they taught me how to intermittent catheterize. Upon discharge, I was noticing I was having issues with sterilization mainly not being able to touch the tube because as a tetra with no finger mobility it’s a little hard to keep everything sterile. My friend introduced me to the MTG Eagle® Catheter Board and EZ-Gripper Catheter, then that actually made life a million times easier — sterilization mainly and ease of use!

Since being discharged I went back to school and finished my doctorate in pharmacy.

And I’m going to demonstrate how to use the EZ-Gripper® Catheter and Eagle® Board.

First I’m going to talk to you about some of the features and designs of the Eagle® Catheter Board.

First we have the wings, which can be adjusted and tightened right here through an Allen wrench.

You can lock it down at a 45-degree angle so it holds it for you or also if you don’t like that it can be placed down there just like this.

Right here we have two thumb holes or as you can see where my thumb’s are poking through, which you can use to move the board, lift it up, and for proper placement.

Right here we have the pant hook which as you can see, there’s two screws, it can be adjusted up or down, or in my case I like to take it off so it lays more flush.

Right here we have the penile lever, this is where you insert the penis.

There’s two pads right here, you can build them up higher or take them away. It’s really optimizable so that it fits to you perfectly.

It’s held together with an earth magnet, so it holds.

Right here we have a housing unit which can slide up or down to proper insertion into the penis. Sometimes it’s at a different area so this helps you get it properly in there.

This lever right here is pressed to then release it back to its neutral position.

Also on the wings there are pads which you can build up or if one comes off you can replace it.

So you can pretty much do anything you’d like.

There also there are these two channels which can help you drain the urine so it does not come and flow back to you on the person then it can fold up nice and easy so it can be stored in your bag or wherever you’d like.

Now I’ll show you how I use the Eagle® Board and the EZ-Gripper® catheter kit.

So the first thing before I do anything is I’m going to open up the catheter kit, then I’m gonna pull out the bag.

I personally place everything else aside. Everyone else is different but there’s different things in there you can use like a little towel at and help dry yourself off.

The next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to take down the shorts. Depending on how good the day is, either happens very quickly or takes a little while.

So from there get everything situated then I grab the catheter board putting the pant hook right on the belt loop or the waistband to hold it in place.

Next I’m going to take off the cap, place it on the counter.

I am going to insert the catheter into the Eagle Board.

Next thing I’m gonna do is open up this lock, place my penis in there.

I’m going to start to slide down the catheter into the penis and then from there I’m going to start to insert the tube.

At this point I am starting to feel that it’s getting close.

So everyone’s different, some people let it drain, I like to take my bag off so I’m gonna flip it over my leg like that.

And now we are draining

At this point I’m done so I’m going to slowly get the catheter out.

So from that point now I’m going to grab the tube, then I lock finger and the tube.

Now I slowly move on over to the toilet.

I’m going to lock my finger in the lower bag hole and start to drain.

Now the bags all empty and ready to be thrown away, like that just like that.

Next we’re gonna go back to the catheter kit.

I want to grab this nice little gauze pad. After you’re done cathing there’s

usually a little bit of residual fluid.

What you’re gonna do is open it up, clean yourself off, to be thrown away for later.

Now we pull up the shorts.

That is how you catheterize with the MTG Eagle® Catheter Board and the MTG EZ-Gripper® Catheter.