Collecting a Sterile Urine Sample from a Closed System Catheter

The information provided in this video is not medical advice. Please follow the advice of your personal physician or other healthcare provider in performing self-catheterization. If you experience any persistent pain or discomfort associated with the catheter, consult with a medical professional.

Video Transcript

Hi, Randy, again from Medical Technologies of Georgia (MTG). We are manufacturers of urinary catheters. And I want to show everybody today, how to get a sterile sample, from products, MTG Kiddie-Kath, MTG Cath-Lean, MTG EZ-Gripper catheter and MTG EZ-Advancer. Like the one I have in my hands here.

Okay. So now in order to get a sterile sample, I’m going to extend the catheter all the way to the top of the bag there. And I’m going to entwine it around one hand, look away, pull the catheter and the introducer tip out of the bag.

Discard the catheter away.

Now. I’m going to pour my sample off.

Now, the catheter has been removed. I’m going to carefully pour my sample into my collection cup.

And now that we’ve got our sample. I’m going to go pour the remaining fluid into the toilet.

The finger hole.

I’m just going to direct the fluid out into the toilet.

When finished everything up in one hand, take my first glove off everything.

In my other hand. The other glove off and discard accordingly.

Thank you for watching our video today. Please remember, you can always order samples of any of our products from our website,

And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.